Research  &  Academic Linkages


A national and international linkage in teaching and research is a cardinal and continuous function of the Institute of Oceanography, University of Calabar with other Institutions. For several years the institute have had strong co-operation with agencies and groups as given below. These relationships, in terms of funding, exchanges of academic and technical staffs, training and joint researches alongside the great support of our University have raised the staffs and the Institute to it presents status.


A.  National Linkages



B.   International Linkages with Research Institutes

Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD), Station for Fishery and Oceanography (SRHOL/IRAD), Limbe, Cameroon.


Our partner for future work in mangroves ecosystems, especially nipa palm in the Cross River estuary (Proposal: Nigerian CLME nipa project transfer to bilateral).


In 2007 initial visit was made by Prof. Sieghard Holzlöhner as Regional UNIDO Consultant for mangrove ecosystems and coastal zone management. First issues on collaboration were discussed relating to bilateral seminars, publication exchange, use of privately managed journals in IOC by scientists of SRHOL/IRAD for publishing.


Botanical Garden, Limbe, Cameroon.

• Envisaged collaboration with SRHOL/IRAD in mangroves surveys during the visit mentioned under 1.


Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Klong Luang, Bangkok, Thailand.

Collaboration started on the 5th International Conference on Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas (EMECS) in Kobe/Japan 2001 by Prof. Sieghard Holzlöhner. Areas of collaborations include:

• Nipa/mangrove study tours 2006 and 2008 financed by UNIDO.

• Follow-up activity plan for knowledge transfer Thailand –Nigeria

• Africa Initiative of AIT.

•  Memorandum of Understanding in AIT/IOC: Collaboration in coastal zone management.


Coastal Research Institute, Hat Thai, Thailand.

• Negotiation for collaboration began 2008 by Prof. Sieghard Holzlöhner with

     theme relating to nipa utilization/management in the Cross River Estuary.


Centre for Marine Tropical Ecology (ZMT), University Bremen, Germany.

• Collaboration started with a Research visit by Dr. Francis M. Nwosu in 1999.

• Planned research visit of a graduate student of IOC on mangrove in a later phase of the long-term multi-diziplinary projects ZMT/Vietnam or ZMT/Indonesia.


Leibnitz Institute for Water Ecology and Inland Fishery (IGB),  Berlin,


• Linkage commenced with the  Research visit of Dr. Albert Ekanem, in 2003/04 and  Dr. Johnny Ogunji in 2004/05.

• Plan to receive /visit of a German IGB scientist to IOC.


Department of Plant Biology and Pathology, Cook College, Rutgens, The State

            University of New Jersey, USA.

• Research visit Dr. Albert Ekanem, in 2004

• Partnership IOC - IGB - Cook College (Three-lateral collaboration).

Leibnitz Institute for Baltic Research (IOW), Warnemuende, Germany.

• Collaboration commenced with the training visit of Mr. Jude Udom in 1999.

• Planned research visit of one IOC Scientist in progress.


Federal Institute for Fishery, Institute for Baltic Fishery,   Rostock, Germany

• This linkage led to the research visit of Prof. Udeme Enin in 2001/2002. Visit was sponsored by Georg Forster Fellowship of Alexander-von Humboldt Foundation.


Ras Muhamed Coastal National Park, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

• Visit by Prof. Sieghard Holzloehner in 2005.


National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, Germany

• Visit by Prof. Sieghard Holzloehner in 2007.


Wadden See National Park of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

• Information visit by Prof. Sieghard Holzloehner in 2007.


C      Linkages with international and foreign national organizations


United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO), Vienna,

            Austria and the GCLME Regional Centre in Accra, Ghana.

     • Financing IOC Internet Centre

     • Financing CZM and Mangrove/nipa study tours to Thailand 2006 and 2008

     • Financing CZM and Mangrove/ Ecosystems workshops,

    • Financing projects within  the Nigerian GCLME National larger project “Nipa utilization and mangrove restoration in SE Nigeria”

     • Plan for the participation of IOC scientists on a remote sensing/GIS training course.


Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Fisheries Department,  Rome, Italy,

    • Sponsorship for IOC to use in its ICT Centre the virtual bibliographic systems ASFA and AGORA free of charge.


Federal Ministry for Research and Higher Education, Bonn, Large Research

         Centre Juelich GmbH, International Office, Juelich.

• Sponsorship for research visits to IGB, Berlin and ZMT, Bremen by Dr. A. Ekanem and F. M. Nwosu.

• Envisaged research visit of one IGB scientist to IOC.


 Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, George Forster Fellowship, Bonn

• Sponsorship for research visits of Prof. Udeme Enin to the Institute for Baltic Sea Fishery, Rostock.

• Sponsorship for research visit of Dr. Johnny Ogunji to Leibnitz Institute for Water Ecology and Inland Fishery, Berlin.


 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) - continent and country quotas.

• Several applications for sponsorship of research visits, however no success.


Carl Duisberg Society e.V.

• On the Job training for Mr. Jude Udom  in 1998/99

• Training courses for Mr. Jack Showell in 1996, Mr. Usen Umana in 1996/97 and Mr. Timothy Okon in 1997.


Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA), Wageningen,


• Sponsorship for participation of Prof. Udeme Enin at the PARADI/FISA African Fish and Fishery, Diversity and Utilization Conference, Grahamstown, South Africa, 1998.

• Sponsorship for participation of Prof. Austin I. Obiekezie at the Conference of the European Aquaculture Society, Trondheim, 1995.


German Foundation for Development (DSE)

•  Training course for Mr. Maurice O. Enukoha, 1997.


International Foundation of Science, Stockholm, Sweden

• Sponsorship for research on fish parasites of Prof. Austin I. Obiekezie in Nigeria, 1986-1993.

• Sponsorship for research on bonga of Dr. Daniel Ama-Abasi, 1999-2005


Fullbright Fellowship, USA

• Sponsorship for research visit of Dr. Daniel Ama-Abasi, University of Massachussets, Amherst, USA, 1998/99.

• Sponsorship for research visit of Dr. Albert Ekanem   in Cook College, Rutgers, USA, 2004.

• Dr. F. M. Nwosu, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, 2009/2010



Research Visits

Research visits of the graduate students Mr. Muhammed Alolade Oyinlola and Mr. Julian Döring from the Leibniz Center for Marine Tropical Ecology (ZMT) at University Bremen, Germany to Institute of Oceanography (IOC) at University of Calabar between October 2013 and March 2014.


These research visits are based on the long-term contacts of the IOC Research/Linkage Coordinator, Prof. Sieghard Holzlöhner with the staff of the German institution ZMT. The contacts had started with the research visits of the graduate students Mr. Mike Bissong in 1993 and Mr. Francis M. Nwosu in 1995 from IOC to ZMT. With the new research visits of Mr. Muhammed A. Oyinlola and Mr. Julian. Döring from ZMT to IOC,  the expected  parity have been realized.


The research topic of M.Sc. student, Mr. Muhammed A. Oyinlola to IOC: ‘Population and fecundity dynamics of bonga, Ethmalosa fimbriata in Cross River estuary and adjacent coastal waters’, is connected with the major bonga topic of the PhD student Mr. Julian Döring whose operation sites include the entire resources of bonga along the West African coast, starting off Senegal and extending up to the Nigerian coast. The bonga topic is a component of a trilateral project between German, French and West African partner countries. Both students from ZMT participated with presentations at the International Conference on Oceanography of IOC, UNICAL under the theme ‘Climate change and coastal areas sustainability in tropical and sub-tropical regions


Collaboration and Scientific Cooperation With Other Universities:

There are ongoing discussions between the University of Calabar with the University of Bongo, Gabon, Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyS, Cape Town, South Africa and the Gazi University, Turkey in areas of Oceanography that will involve exchange visits of staff and students between the cooperating institutions





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