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Prof Asuquo





Professor of Marine Environmental Chemistry


Postal Address

Institute of Oceanography,

University of Calabar, P.M.B.1115

Calabar, NIGERIA

e-mail: frankemile@yahoo.com, tropenvironres@yahoo.com



Prof. Francis Emile Asuquo, male, Nigerian, 50 years old, married with 6 children. His major occupation is research and teaching



University of Calabar,    Calabar, Nigeria

September 1994            Ph.D. Environmental Marine Chemistry

                                    Thesis: Possible sources of tar balls( pelagic tars) collected from the Bight of Bonny, Nigeria


University of Ibadan,   Ibadan, Nigeria

November 1986             MSc Organic (Analytical) Chemistry

 Thesis: Determination of dissolved phosphates and polyphosphates in Awba dam water, Ibadan, Nigeria


University of Calabar,     Calabar, Nigeria

November 1980       BSc (Hons), 11A Chemistry



University of Calabar   Calabar, Nigeria

October 2006    Professor of Oceanography (Marine Chemistry)

to present         I am studying the cycling and fluxes of contaminants at the air- sea micro layer

                        with emphases on particulate and dissolved   materials, CO2 fluxes and climate change of the Bight of Bonny, off Nigerian coastline.


University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria

October 1996    Senior Research Fellow/ Associate Professor (Marine Chemistry)

to Sept 2006     Assessed hydrocarbon levels (PAH, OCPs, PCBs) in water, sediment and biota from Cross river estuarine system and south Atlantic coastline of Nigeria using GC  fingerprinting techniques.


University of Calabar,  Calabar, Nigeria

October 1988    Research Fellow

to Sept 1996     I studied marine pollution of Nigerian beaches (Ibeno, Okposo, Badagry) and coastal waters to assess the variation and distribution of pelagic tars and the extent of deterioration of the coastal water quality. Also done was the determination of Nigerian crude oil and tar chemical composition.


University of Calabar,  Calabar, Nigeria

October 1983   Junior/Assistant Research Fellow

to Sept 1988     Conducted water quality surveys by monitoring physicochemical factors, total hydrocarbons and nutrients in Calabar and Great Kwa  rivers, Nigeria


School of Arts and Science,  Uyo, Nigeria

November 1981 Chemistry Tutor

to Sept 1983     I was involved in teaching and conduction of Chemistry practical classes for Senior High School  students.



2001          Darwin Fellowship on Marine Biodiversity, University of Ghana                              Legon, Ghana

1996          World Bank Fellowship on Marine Pollution, University of Ghana                          Legon, Ghana

1991          UNIDO Fellowship on Coastal Zone Management, University of Venice,              Venice, Italy

                        1993     Nigerian-German Bilateral Fellowship on GC/GCMS Analytical Techniques, Institut fur Meereskunde                                                                                                  Kiel, Germany

                        1984       Nigerian-German Bilateral  Fellowship  on Marine Pollution Monitoring                

1985     and Assessment, Institut fur Meeresforchung,  Bremerhaven, Germany                                                                                                                                                    


-   Pollution Assessment/ Monitoring – Heavy metals, Hydrocarbons (including  PAHs), Organochlorines etc

-  Water  Quality, Hydrography, Waste management/Toxicology,   aquatic modeling .

- Climate Change

CURRENT RESEARCH: Cycling and fluxes of contaminants at the air- ocean micro layer with emphasis on particulate and dissolved   materials, CO2 fluxes and climate change.



Have over 27 years working as a university lecturer, researcher and administrator. 

Have over 25 years as an Environmental Consultant to the university and Government Agencies.



1.             Nigeria Water and Sanitation Association (NIWASA)  - Member 

2.             International Oceanographic Society (USA)               - Member 

3.             Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN)                           -Member 

4.             Nigerian Environmental Society (NES)                     - Member 



University of Calabar,   Calabar, Nigeria

Undergraduate Students

2005 to date  Marine Organic Geochemistry, Marine Pollution (in a combined class of Marine Chemistry, Marine Biology and Fisheries/Aquaculture students), Estuarine Chemistry, Tracer oceanography, Ocean, waves & Tides, Beach and Estuarine Dynamics, Physical Oceanographic modeling,  Physical Oceanography of  Nigeria.

Cross River University of Technology,   Calabar, Nigeria

2004  Sabbatical  Lecturer

 I taught the following courses to undergraduates: Introductory Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry. Supervise project on heavy metal distribution in marshland.

University of Calabar,  Calabar, Nigeria

2002 – 2003       Teaching the following courses to marine science students:

Introductory Marine Chemistry, Sampling & Chemical Analytical Methods, Interstitial Chemistry, Marine Organic Geochemistry, Seawater Chemistry, Chemistry of the sea surface  microlayer,  Marine Pollution (in a combined class of Marine Chemistry, Marine Biology and Fisheries/Aquaculture students), Tracer oceanography.

University of Calabar,  Calabar, Nigeria

Postgraduate Students

2004 to date      Teach the following courses: General  Oceanography, Coastal Resource Protection & Conservation, Coastal Field and Laboratory Techniques, Coastal Zone Management, Physical and Chemical  Oceanography.

University of Calabar,     Calabar, Nigeria

Project Supervision

1998 – 2006         Have supervised 40 undergraduates, 10 postgraduate diplomas, 12 MScs and 2 PhDs on different topics bordering the water, sediment and organisms of the fluvial and coastal marine areas off the Bight of Bonny.




a)        Water pollution studies of  Calabar  River and Ibeno Coastline, Nigeria:

           Resume: Water quality surveys were conducted by monitoring physicochemical parameters, hydrocarbons and nutrient levels in the rivers.

b)        Marine Pollution studies of Nigerian beaches by tar balls

Resume: Monthly quantification of tar balls to assess the variation and the distribution of a tar along Ibeno and Okposo beaches.)

c)        Compositional Studies of  Crude oils  and oil residues from  offshore Nigerian coastline.

Resume: Chemical and Geochemical characteristics of oils and tar balls               from offshore zone of Bight of Bonny. The oils showed unimodal n-alkane distribution and low metal contents, while the tar balls exhibited a bimodal alkane distribution and had high metal contents

d)        Petroleum hydrocarbons in water and sediments from Cross River system , Nigeria.

           Resume: Low level of hydrocarbons are observed in the water column. Total

hydrocarbon in sediments showed a decreasing trend down the river (toward the estuary) in the Calabar river. High levels of THC above FEPA limit (10ppm).potential sources of hydrocarbons identified at the Cross river estuary.

e)        Water pollution  studies of Ibeno coast line , Qua Iboe river and mangrove ecosystem, Nigeria

Resume:: The levels of pollutant hydrocarbons (PAHs) has been determined. The seasonal variation in the water quality parameters have been obtained. There was exchange and distribution of hydrocarbon between surface water and interstitial water. The levels of heavy metals in Oysters and Bivalves along Ibeno coastline were assessed and compared to WHO limits.  Fe, Cu, and Zn were above  WHO limits while others were below.



1.      NIWASA Conference, October 1989, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Paper presented; (i) Water Pollution monitoring of the Great Kwa River: A case stud. Published; NIWASA. PROCEEDINGS; P. 12. 1-12.16, 1989.

2.      National workshop on the Pollution load of the Cross River Basin, Sponsored by 10C and FAO, at the University of Calabar, 1993.

3.      International Workshop on Coastal Zone Management, Venice, Italy, 1993 Participant.

4.      UNDP Environmental Management Training Workshop, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. June 1995.

5.      Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society conference (NMGS), Calabar., Nigeria 1995.

               Paper presented: Asuquo, F. E. and Antia, E. E. Coastal garbage along the South-Eastern Coast of Nigeria.

6.      Nigeria Society for Biological Conservation (NSBC), 1997

                Papers presents: Asuquo F. E. Heavy Metals Contamination of fish and Mollucs from Cross River flood plain.         

7.      Commonwealth Association for the Education & Training of Adult (CAETA) Conference, 1997.

                Papers presented: Asuquo F. E. and Asuquo E. F. Faeco-oral contamination of drinking water sources in Calabar, implications to Environmental Health.

-               Asuquo, F. E.  Effective management and control of domestic waste littering in a metropolitan setup.

8.      Fisheries Society of Nigeria conference, Ibadan, Nigeria (1998)

                Papers presented: Asuquo F. E. Cr, Zn, Pb, Cu and Mn in fish samples from coastal beach market of South Eastern Nigeria.

9.      Tropical Environment Forum/Conference 1999.

                Papers presented; Bassey, E. S. and Asuquo, F. E.  Seasonal changes in the water quality of Ibeno coast line, S. E. Nigeria.

-               Asuquo, F. E. ; Ogri, O. R. & Bassey, E. S.  Distribution of heavy metals and total hydrocarbon in coastal waters and sediments of Cross River, S. E. Nigeria.

10.    20th annual Conference of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria, Port Harcourt, 2005

                Paper presented:Asuquo, F. Emile; Ekanem, A. P. and Ndick , E. J. (2005). Toxicity of crude

oil to two fresh water shrimps:  Macrobrachium macrobrachion and Macrobrachium  

vollenhovenii in a laboratory  designed experiment

11.    Regional training workshop on Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM), Calabar, Nigeria, Dec. 12 – 16, 2005.

12     National stakeholders workshop on Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem (GCLME) , Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) and Mangroves Restoration Project, Eket, Nigeria, 20 – 22 December, 2006.

13.    International Conference on Infrastructure, development and the Environment (ICIDEN),

Abuja , Nigeria, 2006

Papers presented:

a)       Asuquo, F.E.; Akpan, E.R.;and Ewa-Oboho, I.O. Physicochemical  composition and limiting nutrients of Cross river and Qua Iboe river mangrove sediments, Nigeria.

b)       Asuquo, F.E.; Akpan, E.R.;and Ewa-Oboho, I.O. Pollutant dynamics and   distribution in fish and sediments of Cross river mangrove ecosystem,        Nigeria

c)       Ewa-Oboho, I.O.; Asuquo, F.E.; Akpan, E.R.; Edet, P.; Emeh, E.J. and Oladimeji, S. Mangrove ecosystem of the Niger Delta: Distribution and dynamics.

d)       Ewa-Oboho, I.O.; Oladimeji, S; Asuquo, F.E. and  Akpan, E.R. Quantitative assessment of recovery rate of intertidal benthos after the Exxon-Mobil Idoho January 1998 Offshore oil spill, Nigeria, West Africa.



Have more than 45 scientific publications. Selected current scientific publications include:

Asuquo, F. E. and Ewa-Oboho, Ita (2009). Chemical Components and Nutrients in Mangal Sediments of   Cross      and Qua Iboe Rivers, South-East Nigeria. Journal of Environmental              Systems , USA.

Ewa-Oboho, Ita; Asuquo, F. Emile ;Edet, P; Emeh, E. J. and Oladimeji, S. (2008). Mangrove ecosystem of the          Niger delta: Distribution and dynamics.  Journal of Environmental Systems , USA.

Ewa-Oboho, Ita; Oladimeji, O. and Asuquo, F.E. (2008). Effect of dredging  on benthic-pelagic      production in the                 mouth of Cross river estuary (off the Gulf of Guinea), S.E. Nigeria . Indian J. Marine Sciences 37(3), 291-      297

Ewa-Oboho, Ita; Antai, Ekpo E. and Asuquo, F.E. (2008). Effect of chronic heavy metal                exposure on estuarine         micro-epibenthos of a tropical mangrove swamp. Trop. Environ. Res. 8 , 538 – 548.

Ogri, O.R., Asuquo, F.E. and Ibok, U. J. (2006). Distribution and sources of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in    surface sediments of Great Kwa river, Nigeria. Bull. Environ.          Contamin. Toxicology, 77 : 866 – 873.

Ewa-Oboho, Ita; Oladimeji, Segun; Asuquo, F.Emile and Oboho, Eme I. (2006).Dynamics of        littoral biota of     Nigeria after the Exxon Mobil-Idoho January 1998 offshore oil spill:   long-term (1998-2001) monitoring.                 Trop. Environ. Res. 7 (3), 601 – 610.

Asuquo, F.E..and Ogri, O,R.,(2006). Abundance and potential  impacts of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) on   the mangrove sediments of Great Kwa river estuary, South–east       Nigeria, Global J. Environmental      Sciences 5 (2), 83 – 87.

Asuquo, F.E., Ekaluo, U.B. and Asuquo, E.F. (2005). Assessment of heavy metals and total            dissolved               petroleum hydrocarbons in edible Mactra nitida from the Nigerian coastline. Trop. Environ. Res. Vol. 6 (1)     , 432 – 439.

Unyimadu, J. Paul ;  Asuquo ,F.E and  Udoghu, U. (2004). Trace metal pollution studies in fin fish and sediment       from Lagos lagoon . Trop. Environ. Res. 5 (1&2), 338-345.

Asuquo ,F.E; Ewa-Oboho, Ita; Asuquo, Ekaete F.   and     Udo , Paul  J. (2004). Fish Species used as Biomarker for   Heavy Metal and Hydrocarbon Contamination for Cross River, Nigeria , The Environmentalist, 24 : 29 –    37.

Asuquo, F.E.( 2003). Sensitization of Ibeno community , Akwa Ibom State on assuming a participatory approach in               Private or Government Environmental Impact Assessment         projects. Projects: Community Development                and Action Initiatives , 15p.

Asuquo, F.E. (2004). Sensitization of Ekong Anaku community, Akamkpa LGA on the gains of full participation in                 Real Plantation Plc Environmental Impact Assessment Project: Basis for Community Development ,    20p.

Asuquo, F. E.  and Udoh J. P.(2002).  Patterns of total hydrocarbon, Copper and  Iron in some fish from the Cross river estuary , Nigeria. West African J.  Appl. Ecology 3, 91-97.

Asuquo, F.E. and Akpabli, C.K. (2002). Water Quality characteristics of Accra-Tema coastline. Trop. Environ. Res. 4, 296 – 306.

Asuquo, F. E.  ( 2002) Marine Garbage composition and dynamics : A case  study of  Ibeno Beach, Nigeria. Afr. J.   Environ. Pollut. Health 2:35-45

Bassey, E.S. and Asuquo, F.E. (1999). Seasonal changes in the water quality of Ibeno coastline, Nigeria. Intern. J.     Trop. Environment 2, 138 – 150.

Akpabli, C.K., Drah, G.K. and Asuquo, F.E. (1998). Heavy metal pollution in the interstitial sediments of Accra-Tema beaches. Chemistry and Industry 1(9),  207 – 230.

Asuquo, F.E. (1997). Tar balls monitoring : A classical  tool for the assessment and evaluation       of marine              pollution by petroleum.Commonwealth Proceedings onEnvironment 1,20 –25.

Asuquo, F.E. , Ukpabio, E. J. and Ehrhardt, M. (1996). Composition and sources of Nigerian Beach tars . Global J.    Pure and Applied Sciences 2, 171 – 182.

Asuquo, F.E. , Morah, F.N.I., Nya, A.E. and Ehrhardt, M. E. (1995). Trace metals in crude oils and beach tars from Nigerian coastline. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences 24, 16 – 18




Have over 30 technical reports. Selected current technical reports include:

August 2009      Climate change: Effects on the oceans. Engendering a new earth consciousness.   Green Impact Quarterly. Point Blank Assoc.,Abuja.

May 2009        The bathymetric survey for the reclamation of shorelines of Effiat Mbo community, Mbo Local Government, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. I was involved as an Oceanography consultant.

May 2008             Identification of  the Navigable route between Le Meridian  (Nwaniba), Akwa Ibom  State and  Tinapa (Adiabo), Cross River State, Nigeria. I was involved as an Oceanography consultant.

March 2008          Identification of  proposed sites for Floating Filling Station (FFS) at Ikot  Abasi,  Ibeno and Enwang coastal areas for the Akwa Ibom State Government, Nigeria.  I participated as Oceanography consultant.

June 2006             Environmental Impact Assessment  of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Abuja. I participated as Water Quality/Chemical consultant

April 2006             Bathymetric survey of the Calabar river navigable route and Jetty site for West African Butimen Coy, Lagos,Nigeria. I was involved as Oceanography consultant

April 2004             Bathymetric survey of the Great kwa river, Calabar , Cross River State, Nigeria   for Obajana Cement Plc, Kogi State, Nigeria. I was involved as Oceanography   consultant.

April 2004             Environmental Impact Assessment  of  Forcados Terminal Project for SPDC, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I was involved as Water Quality/Chemical consultant.

August 2000         Environmental Assessment  of  Oil  Spill        Site  at Ekorinim, Calabar, Cross River State. Submitted to  Jones-Tech. International Ltd. Calabar. I served as a chemical consultant.

May 1998             Post Impact Environmental survey of Eket and Esit Eket coastal waters occasioned by Mobil oil spills for Sam-Udoakagha & Partners. I participated as a Water Quality/Chemical consultant.

May 1998             Post Impact Assessment (P.I.A) of Cross River State Coastal Areas affected by MOBIL (IDOHO) oil spill for Government of Cross River State of Nigeria. I participated as a Water   Quality/Chemical consultant.

Nov. 1995             Acid rain project 11 Shell Petroleum Dev. Company, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I participated as a Water Quality/Chemical consultant.


Additional Information

Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office, Excel, SPSS, Adobe(Excellent).  Autocard (Good)               

Languages: English , Oral and written, fluent and  Excellent.

Hobbies :Swimming, singing and photography                                                           



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